Pauline Clayton:  Journalism and politics 17 September 2020 and

                               Experiences in North Korea - 26th November

Pauline spoke to the club on aspects of journalism and of politics as she had seen those two disciplines through the course of her working life.
She left school with As in English,shorthand and typing. The latter 2 subjects being the norm for many girls of her era irrespective of their ability.
Her early work was typing material to be used during television broadcasts.  her hard work and ability were recognised and she gained the opportunity to qualify and work in television journalism.
In the course of her presentation Pauline reflected on the changes in journalism over the last decades.  A reflection which suggested to us that modern journalism is now less driven by substantiating facts but more on personalities and opinion making.
Sadly her experiences as a political staffer left us with the impression there had also been a similar decline in traditional standards within the political environment.
The club was entertained by anecdotes of Pauline‚Äôs experiences from cadet journalist, to regional newspapers, to the major newspaper houses and personal experiences with their owners.  Her time within the political sphere provided us with anecdotes and intriguing insight of politics outside of the Chamber.
She then came back as guest speaker to tell or her experiences in North Korea in 1987, fascinating, scary!