After we all sang "Happy Birthday" to
Frank, he got down to business.....
President Frank Lunt
Opened meeting with his latest insight – after talking to his pilot son.
Longest non-stop Qantas flight is from Fort Worth USA to Sydney Australia – 13,061km taking around 17 hours.
Frank’s fun fact was that the Godwit Bird annually travels from the North Pole to Tasmania – 13,560 km (further than Qantas) however takes around 11 days of non-stop flying and looses half it’s 1kg body weight in the process.
(Editor: I can’t fly like a bird but if I could lose half my body weight on the Qantas flight I would gladly pay the price!!)

Frank welcomed all Members and Guests in particular -
Jacqui Deanne – STEMM
Lexley Roberts – Inner Wheel of the Sunshine Coast,
Janelle Long – Wife of Member Tony Long (Mr Golf Day)
John Deakin – Husband of Member Malou Deakin
Donna Hammett – past Member
Ken Hinkly – Guest Speaker

International Toast

Geoff Leddy proposed a toast to the RC of Evanston Chicago Illinois. This month being their Foundation Month and located at IR Headquarters at 1560 Sherman Ave, Evanston.
The Club meets at lunch time on the 2nd and 4th Thursday’s on the Month at the RI Headquarters.
Participation via Zoom (or equivalent). They were Chartered in May 1920 and were the 734th Rotary Club to receive its Charter.
Their current President is Mr Brian King and their fundraising activities include an annual Pizza Fest to raise funds for local charities.
(Editor thinks this may not be an idea for CALPAC – particularly if Will Waterford is involved. All the profits would be eaten).
They also have an annual dinner in the  festive season to raise funds with entertainment and an auction benefiting the RC of Evanston’s Charitable Fund for projects and scholarships along with investment in international projects.
An interesting feature of the Club is that they offer a Shared Membership program for partners, spouses and family members, to become full members of the Club but at a discounted membership fee.
The Club has a community Service program called the Rotary Community Volunteer Corps which consists of Rotarians or just members of the community. They have recently undertaken delivering meals to home-bound citizens in Evanston. Organising the shelves of a food pantry and helping refurbish a house for a family in need.

President’s Comments
1. Social night 17th November 2022 – Spinners Bar and Bowl $10.00 deposit. Those coming can pay the deposit to Frank (in cash on the night). Full costs have been emailed to Members including food available on the night.
2. Save the date!! CALPAC Christmas dinner will be held at the Caloundra Golf Club on Thursday 15th December 2022
3. Historical Walk of Bulcock Street Caloundra will be conducted by Peter Hovey and Pattie Wilson (also members of the Historical Society) in January followed by dinner (fish and chips maybe) on the beach (or next to it if you don’t like sand!!). Date to follow.
4. AGM Thursday 1st December – we must have a quorum to satisfy legal requirements.
Please ensure you register via the invitation already sent.
5. An email was sent out two weeks ago regarding volunteering for a STEPS project to wrap Christmas presents at Sunshine Plaza.
Please sign up via the roster attached to that email.  (please retrieve from deleted box in need!!!)
6. Remember: if you are rostered on for a duty at the next meeting and you can’t make it, please try to get somebody else to complete your task and advise Greig Lee-Archer.
Presentation – Jacqui Deanne – STEMM

Greig Lee-Archer re-introduced Jacqui to Members (she has been to meetings previously as Guest Speaker), this time to present in conjunction with President Frank an amount of $3,500.00 to assist with the significant costs of running the STEMM Program – from Burnside High School for girls who find themselves confronted with motherhood for a variety of reasons some due to sexual abuse.
Jacqui– founder of STEMM in 2008, brought members up to date with the many successes of the Program since inception. So many of these girls have be able to successfully complete their education and thus (in many cases) break the cycle of community dependence. Truly a magnificent achievement by the girls in the Program and Jacqui and her support team.

Director’s Moments
a. Geoff Leddy advised Ruby Rollinson (Barb Bailey’s granddaughter) and Sophie Mills from Battery Hill have both been accepted for the RYLA Science Program in Canberra in January 2023.
b. Will Waterford reminded Members to ask their contacts and others they may meet, who can add value to the Club, if they would like to join. Remember the worst they can say is “No thank you” – no harm, no fowl.
Members Moments
Win Fowles shared the sad news that our Honorary Member and long time friend of the Club, Kevin Jenner passed away during the last week.
No details are available as yet however Win will advise when and where the funeral will take place, when known.
Peter Higgs thanked all who purchased Christmas cakes this year. He also talked about the Trailer Raffle which started on the 6th November 2022. The first day was a tremendous success with the number of tickets sold outstripping previous records of recollection – Value sold $2,070.00!!!!.
Editor: Fantastic effort all who gave up their time with Peter Higgs and Win Fowles displaying incredible sales techniques. May I suggest, even if the Roster is full, and you have some time to assist – your time would be greatly appreciated. We find while tickets are being written out there are plenty of people who walk past – you guessed it, lost opportunity.
Greig Lee-Archer advised the fortunes of the (Bryan) Mason household have received yet another blow. Bryan has had another fall and has done a serious number on his head – again. Lots of staples in the head, stitches in the hand and a broken bone in his hand. Get well soon Bryan. On a brighter note Lyn (Mason) is continuing to recover and I understand is doing as she is told – lesson to be learned Bryan!!!!!

Guest Speaker
Greg Rayment introduced Ken Hinkly who reminded Members of the importance of supporting the Rotary Foundation.
The impact of the Foundation is felt all over the world.
With US$1.2M being donated to Mercy Ships to assist the fit-out of the second new ship launched earlier this year.
The main focus of the Foundation continues to be -
* Driving the eradication of Polio worldwide
* Improving global environments
* Protecting children
* Global health and reducing poverty
* Assisting communities globally
* Grants for education and training
* Youth Programs
* Support for the elderly
* Micro loans via KIVA
 Rotary Peace Fellowships – to build global peace
* Improving drinking water particularly in developing countries
* Supporting Youth programs.
The presentation was centred around the Avenues of Service / Pillars of Rotary.
Be aware that providing the Foundation raises US$50M each year the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will match that number “Dollar for Dollar”, a really good incentive I’m sure you will agree.
Please give if you can. As Frank said, “if a lump sum doesn’t fit the budget, maybe a spare $10.00 now and again can be paid on a Thursday night to Clive and let the amount grow over the year”.
Ken was thanked by Sebastien Mortaud.
Sergeant – Suzanne Lee-Archer
Lots of fines handed out. Notably anybody not having placed themselves on the trailer raffle roster were fined. This will probably be a weekly target until Christmas.
Thanks Suzanne
RIKI TIKI – Allen Morgan asked the questions and quickly knocked out the competition with Win Fowles triumphing again! (Editor – these smart older guys don’t give us youngsters much of a chance. Maybe ask questions that relate to the last 12 months – their short term memory might fail
Raffle – by Les Pontin and Win Fowles
Many prizes won and enjoyed around the tables with the lollies shared around in traditional manner.
Our own Mat Lynn built and sailed his craft (“The Mean Machine”) in the inaugural regatta event at Fraser Park – Golden Beach on Saturday 12/11/2022. His craft’s construction was inventive, impressive and inspirational!! Alas, checked throughout the whole event by, a much larger, less creative craft - captained in a manner which, whilst being hilarious to watch, severely hampered Mat’s chances of winning. Unfortunately, the winning vessel – looked like a canoe, built from banned metal corrugated iron which basically allowed the two paddlers to have a beer and a rest during the race (it went that well!!). The Editor isn’t bitter about it – much!!!
Although, Mat was heard to say after the failed heat appearance that, “his craft was like paddling a brick”. Looked like it had an anchor as well.
Paddlers and crew will be selected early next year to allow time for rowing and weight training before next year's event.
Bad luck Mat, you were robbed mate!!