Posted on Jul 22, 2019

Our Guest Speaker - Dan Brooker

Making a difference is part of the Rotary creed and Dan Brooker, who is with a group called "Milk and Honey", who are an Australian social enterprise operating in Cambodia empowering Cambodians to help their own people. His main area of expertise is the assistance given to young Cambodian women to escape from and not enter the slavery trade endemic in Asia.

The organisation invites teams and volunteers to engage with the Cambodian community, to spark synergy, creativity, and purpose, with the ultimate aim of making a difference to the world around us. Dan has given us an insight on issues we may not be fully aware of - slavery is still a real threat to the young women of this country. Dan and his team are gradually educating the young women and school girls of the threat that is out there in the hope that they won't end up as slaves.