Calpac Capers
Calpac Capers 9th March 2023
ROMAC TRIVIA night, on 2nd March, was a great success although not as many attending as usual;  there were lots of raffles to be won and it was all for a good cause.

Sergeant Les introduced President Frank who enlightened us with some height and weight averages over time but Frank – a man with his head in an oven and feet in a freezer would, on average, feel comfortable! Guest speaker George Fraser and guest Peter Harding were welcomed.
International Toast

Long-term member David Millar proposed a toast to the Rotary Club of Varanasi North in India where the Australian and Indian prime ministers are currently meeting.
Induction Ceremony
A highlight of the evening was the induction of Jacqueline Castorina who was introduced by Eve. Jacqueline’s vocation is education, and she is a former member of the Rotary Club of Logan.  Now that Covid is over, we were able to form the traditional Circle of Friendship to greet Jacqueline, who said she had been greatly inspired by current District Governor Tim Keeler.

Directors’ Moments

Treasurer Clive announced receipts of $7200 so far from our ROMAC Trivia Night with more to come in and …… the raffle beat the bar!
Members’ Moments
Evelyn announced the formation of the Caloundra Women’s Shed, an idea that has been percolating for four years. Pattie Wilson is secretary, and a GoFundMe page has raised $1000. The big challenge is that they have no permanent venue at present, but they do have 55 Women’s Shed friends each donating $35 or more. No, Peter Hovey, men cannot join. You can join the Men’s Shed.
Allen Morgan alerted us to the dangers of brown snakes at present after a recent scary experience.
President’s Comments
Frank encouraged us to donate to his fund for the many earthquake victims in Turkey reminding us of the terrible situation they are in.
Riki Tiki
Tony Long forgot!
Guest Speaker
Geoff Leddy introduced George Fraser, a retired Australian career diplomat who served in diplomatic posts in New Zealand, Nauru, Bali, Taipei, Taiwan, Manila, Philippines and Thailand.   George is now a member of the Rotary Club of Mooloolaba, and he thanked us for our donation to the Solomon Islands to go with the funding from Mooloolaba in order to obtain a global grant.   China sees itself as central to the Pacific region and wants buffer states. In1950 China  annexed Tibet - a big country. The neighbouring Pacific countries don’t want to be bullied but also don’t want to be coerced by the CCP or USA. China lends money to poorer neighbours but they then took over a port in Sri Lanka when the loan could not be repaid. In George’s view Australia needs to maintain our “soft power” through aid and training. Our politicians need to make them “our family”
as that is what they want. We need to bring students and their families to Australia to see a place with more rights. Julie Bishop’s Columbo Plan is also a good idea – send bright young Aussies into the Pacific countries. China’s driving force is the vanity of Xi Jinping but war would severely damage China regardless of the result, which is lucky for us.
Barb Bailey thanked “His Excellency” (his title on the internet) for a most informative address.

Christine was unable to attend but good old Les stepped in at short notice and raised some money for the victims of the Turkey earthquake.
Les and Graeme once again did a great job.
David Millar, Graeme Bowden and Dan Thomasson
Socialising before the Meeting to get into the spirit of things!
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Containers for Change/Bread Tags for Wheelchairs
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  2. Take them to a container refund point -
  3. Donate to the Rotary Club of Caloundra Pacific using scheme ID C10219799

Please help us collect!
Evelyn McCorkell, our club member, has provided a collection box, so please bring to the club meeting and place in the box at the registration desk.  Thanks.
We collect bread tags for recycling to fund wheelchairs,mainly in South Africa.
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