Calpac Capers
Calpac Capers 17th November 2022
LOCAL NEWS ITEM -from Win Fowles
12th November 2022
Freedom of the City event, on 12th November, involving 816 Squadron RAN, which is based at Nowra, NSW, but has a longstanding connection with Caloundra.
They've exercised their right four times, the last being in 2017. The last one I saw was in 2009.
Sqn members were in town until Tuesday morning.
I spoke with one of the officers after the event re Sunday's market in Bulcock Street and suggested she may want to buy a raffle ticket.
I wonder if she did!

Club Members enjoyed a social night at Spinners Bar and Bowl in Bulcock Street Caloundra. 17 bowlers and five spectators provided lots of laughter and sledging.
It was apparent very early Amanda Innes has an awesome arm - those bowling balls were delivered at great pace. Clear to see why Sterling and Jasper are such good guys - the consequences would make the Editor scared.  Jasper had his fast ball going fairly well in his first game with 103 but stepped it up in his second game to 136 - highest score and aggregate score (239) meant he took home the virtual trophy. Well done Jasper.
Dan Thomasson made everybody sit up and take notice with a first game score of 125 but the ensuing sledging and pressure saw him fall apart in the second game (89). However was still enough to take out the virtual trophy for 2nd highest aggregate score.
Last years winner and runner up Greig and Will were disappointing under the pressure of Jasper and Dan.
Lynette Wallis (176 aggregate) and Amanda Innes (173 aggregate) showed all the other ladies the way to go. David Wallis was comprehensively thrashed by his wife. Wroxton was smart enough not to attend thus avoiding humiliation. Well done ladies.
There was one member of the group who scored a meager 37 in his first game but backed up with a second game score of 88. He was seen to walk away from the lanes and when he came back was a different man. Les can you pass on your secret? Greig and Will would like some tips!!!
Another highlight was Siew (Pronounced Sue - Charlie King’s mum) brought the challenge right up to son-in-law Patrick in the second game - 78 to 79. Just scraped in Patrick!! That would have been held over your head for ever, if not in your family certainly at CALPAC.
Thanks President Frank for organising a most enjoyable night.
Partners night this week, Snr Sgt John Mahoney, guest speaker
DG Tim Keeler visit is 8th December - get your badges on.
Christmas Celebration 15th December.
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