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From the last meeting... 2 September 2021
International Toast by Kevin Curd
The Rotary Club of Tokyo was chartered in October 1929 and has a long history through war and peace. 350 members meet at the imperial hotel on Wednesdays from noon to 1:30pm. Rotarians from overseas are always welcome and simultaneous interpretation in English is available at each meeting. COVID-19 has restricted guest visits as seating is limited by spacing requirements.
Vocational Talk by Win Fowles
Born in Sydney and schooled in Queensland, Win had to attend many schools as his parents moved around. He entered the military college at Duntroon, ACT, in 1963 and graduated in 1966. Typical of RAA service, Win had 5 postings through 5 states and territories of Australia, and a total of 21 through his career including USA, UK and South Korea. He was involved in transport, trade training and logistics. When he left the service ihe had achieved the rank of Lt. Colonel. In civilian life he was involved in Brisbane City Council positions and also became a consultant in the areas of leader logistics and productivity. Win has three children.
Director Reports
Matt Lynn advised the conservation tee shirts are still for sale and the conservation group will meet at Golden Beach, 9 September at the normal time.
Will Waterford reported on his visit to Rotary Club of Glasshouse Mountains.
Members Moments
Tony Long announced the Ian Baker Finch Charity Golf Day has 33 teams and preparations are in hand for the day. There will be a large amount of prizes on the day including an auction for a helicopter ride on the same day.
Presidents Report
Greig announced that he would soon be calling for volunteers for parking duties at Australia Zoo. More details to come. 
President Greig also announced all monies for the DV project are now available to fund the 1st nominee for the project. Selections are underway to find a suitable candidate.
Riki Tiki
Barbara B quickly eliminated all but Peter H. Well done.
Guest Speaker
Tom Lew and staff outlined the operations of Gateway Care situated at Helen St, Caloundra West. Opening in 2014, this humanitarian business provides 'rescued' food from commercial donors which is sold to those who need help. They also provide non-cost food to the needy. They are available in many projects to assist the local community. There is also a community cafe on the premises which will provide low cost meals to families. Gateway cares main mission is to connect with people going through difficult times and show they genuinely care about those doing it tough.
Our next guest speaker
On Thursday 16 September 2021, Heather Christie talks about what the RSL really does.
CRUSH WINES » Summer Poppy becomes the Official Wine of ...
And on the 23 September, Noel Dennett talks about Qantas Royal Flights
DG Cluster Visit
The DG cluster visit to Australia Zoo has been postponed to Sunday 17 October 2021. An email invitation has been sent to all members. If you need a hand registering please email President Greig LA.
Containers for Change
  1. Collect eligible containers
  2. Take them to a container refund point -
  3. Donate to the Rotary Club of Caloundra Pacific using scheme ID C10219799
For more information contact Eve!
Joke of the week
By Mr Allen M.
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Club Roster 2021-22
16 September 2021
Fellowship:  Trevor S
Room Setup:  Tania C
Sergeant:  Mark P
International Toast:  Suzanne LA
Vocational Talk:  Patrick K
Introduce Guest Speaker:  Patrick K
Thank Guest Speaker:  Bonnie L
If you cannot fulfil your duty for any reason or you want to help to complete your duty please call Dan on 0437 110 029!
23 September 2021
Fellowship:  Kevin C
Room Setup:  Win F
Sergeant:  Mark P
International Toast:  Tania C
Vocational Talk:  Mary B
Introduce Guest Speaker:  Allan G
Thank Guest Speaker:  Cedric G
30 September 2021
7 October 2021
Fellowship:  Ross H
Room Setup:  Matthew L
Sergeant:  Christine C
International Toast:  Dan T
Vocational Talk:  Di L
Introduce Guest Speaker:  David J
Thank Guest Speaker:  Mike H
14 October 2021
Fellowship:  Donna H
Room Setup:  Stan N
Sergeant:  Christine C
International Toast:  Peter H
Vocational Talk:  Richard H
Introduce Guest Speaker:  Tania C
Thank Guest Speaker:  Graeme C
21 October 2021
Fellowship:  Ian A
Room Setup:  Michael B
Sergeant:  Will W
International Toast:  Graeme B
Vocational Talk:  Geoff L
Introduce Guest Speaker:  Christine C
Thank Guest Speaker:  Di L
28 October 2021
Fellowship:  Graham C
Room Setup:  Kevin C
Sergeant:  Will W
International Toast:  Win F
Vocational Talk:  Frank L
Introduce Guest Speaker:  Allan G
Thank Guest Speaker:  Donna H
4 November 2021
Fellowship:  Malou D
Room Setup:  Mike H
Sergeant:  Suzanne LA
International Toast:  Ross H
Vocational Talk:  Eve M
Introduce Guest Speaker:  Peter H
Thank Guest Speaker:  Donna H
11 November 2021
Fellowship:  Cedric G
Room Setup:  Wroxton I
Sergeant:  Suzanne LA
International Toast:  David J
Vocational Talk:  Dan T
Introduce Guest Speaker:  Patrick K
Thank Guest Speaker:  Brian R
18 November 2021
Fellowship:  Di L
Room Setup:  Geoff L
Sergeant:  David M
International Toast:  Suzanne LA
Vocational Talk:  Will W
Introduce Guest Speaker:  Tony L
Thank Guest Speaker:  Frank L
25 November 2021
Fellowship:  Bryan M
Room Setup:  Allen M
Sergeant:  David M
International Toast:  Bonnie L
Vocational Talk:  Barbara B
Introduce Guest Speaker:  Eve M
Thank Guest Speaker:  Mark M
2 December 2021
9 December 2021
Fellowship:  Stan N (Santa)
Room Setup:  Mark P (Rudolph)
Sergeant:  Les P (Dasher)
International Toast:  Matthew L (Dancer)
Vocational Talk:  Kevin C (Prancer)
Introduce Guest Speaker:  Les P (Vixen)
Thank Guest Speaker:  Bruce R (Comet)
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