Contact: Greig Lee-Archer
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Caloundra Pacific
Caloundra Golf Club
1 Charles Woodward Drive
Caloundra, Queensland  4551

As President Peter mentioned last Thursday night it is a good time to think about new ideas and approaches to the way the Club operates. Maybe reassess what we are involved with - not saying there needs to be changes made necessarily, but all good businesses reassess their strategies and direction periodically. Many will recall (or know) this to be a Business Plan in the business world. Your constructive ideas need to be discussed and considered by all members. So don't miss your opportunity to have your say but don't forget to listen to the views of others.

The other pressing issue is that of, "who will take on the Presidency for the 2019/2020 year?" Pete will have by that time done two years in a row and whilst there are others in the Club who have equally given their time in the past, we need "somebody" to step up. Please consider your position, maybe nominate yourself or be prepared to accept a nomination (or not) from somebody else.