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Caloundra Pacific
Caloundra Golf Club

Darryl Laing is a local travel agent, who has been in the business for a lot of years, local to Caloundra and he is going to talk to us about Travel wirth COVID - something we will all have to get used to if we want to travel beyond Caloundra!

Meals on Wheels will provide is with a hot meal and Les Pontin is delegated to serve it (food handling rulles). It will be delivered between 6.00 and 6.30, so we may be eating first before we start the meeting;  see how it pans out.
We will also have desert and if possible they will be delicious doughnuts made by Sebastien, to be confirmed!

If you have a guerst coming, please register them so that we can cater accurately.

Fellowship: Kevin C
Room Setup: Malou D
Front Desk: Patrick K
Sergeant: Graeme B
International Toast: Win F  
Vocational Talk: Tony L
Introduce Speaker: Allan G
Thank Speaker: Cedric G

Please be aware if you indicate your attendance, the Club will order a meal for you.  If you are unable to attend (and do not advise / change your status in ClubRunner by 8.00pm on the Monday prior to the meeting) then the cost of your meal being $25.00 will be added to your account and payable at your next visit.

Your confirmation as to whether your - and your partner's attendance (or not) has been recorded in ClubRunner will be via an email you receive after you click 'send' from this email.  If you do not receive an email, it is likely your attendance (or not) has not been recorded in ClubRunner.  This being the case, you should contact the writer who can complete your registration for you.  Evelyn McCorkell - - 0407 624 650.