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Caloundra Pacific
Caloundra Golf Club
1 Charles Woodward Dr
Caloundra, QLD Qld 4551

To all Committee Members and any Club member who would like to attend who went to the Event, all welcome.

If you have any constructive comment re this Event last month but are unable to attend, please email me and it can be included in the meeting.  

Let's keep the meeting as brief as possible but just try to pinpoint any organisational features that we can improve on.

Topics for discussion:

The date has been booked with the Qld Air Museum and Underground Opera as 21st October 2023 - out of School holidays and warmer weather.

Theme - Let's go Italian - food, music and wine.  Bruce Edwards has loads of Italian songs!

What food do we serve next year that doesn't involve finger food or table service etc - pizza cooked on site?


     a.  Someone in charge of organising the raffles - tickets, ticket sales etc.

           (i)   do we include a "quck Auction" again - it was worth it this time!

     b.  Someone to be in charge of the ticket bookings and 2 people to be on the door as people arrive - Bruce has offered his booking facility which is now up and running - this takes a bit of work load away from us but we need someone to liaise with Bruce regularly and make sure that the seats are selling well.

     c.   I am happy to try to get sponsors again - if anyone wants to help...... for easy to pack prizes and cash sponsors.

     d.   Someone to run the bar with 6 helpers - buy alcohol etc.

     e.   I can book Perry's hire again

     f.    Someone to make sure that we have "workers"  before and after the show.

Plenty of time to refine everything but this is the backbone, I think!