Duty Roster
  30 May 6 June 13 June 20 June
Room Setup M Paton C Seymour J Hopkins R Harrison
Sergeant/MC L Pontin C Ccraig L Pontin P Hovey
Int.Toast B Radford W Fowles T Cherry D Johnston
GS Intro/Tks N/A D Wallis T Long M Berris
Regn/ Fellowship B Bailey W Waterford E McCorkell K Hinkly
  4 July 11 July 18 July 25 July
Room Setup        
GS Intro/Tks        
If you cannot complete your duty - please email info@calpac.org.au as soon as possible.
1. Call the meeting to order.
2. Lead in Rotary Grace, Four Way Test and the Loyal Toast
3. Introduce the International Toast
4. Welcome the president
5. Run the fines session
1. Arrive at 6pm
2. Mark member attendance and receive payment (preferably by Eftpos)
3. Provide the report and eftpos receipts to the Treasurer
4. Ensure attendees register and receive raffle tickets
5. Introduce visitors to club members
Room Setup & Put Away
1. Arrive at 6pm and setup the two flag banners, one four way test pull up banner, bell, fines cup, gong, RI president's theme banner
2. Get microphone from the bar and test
3. At the end of the meeting pack up everything and return microphone to the bar and take down the banners etc and return to storage room downstairs
International Toast
1. Prepare a toast to a club in another district sourcing details from the internet
2. Contact the toasted club advising them of the toast
3. A short crisp presentation of the essence of the club should be made
Introduce/Thank Guest Speaker
1. Liaise the the guest speaker coordinator for further information if necessary
2. Greet guest speaker before meeting and assist guest speaker with registration (don't forget their raffle tickets!)
3. Introduce the guest to the president before the meeting
4. Reserve a seat for yourself and the guest speaker at the president's table
5. At the appropriate time, briefly introduce the topic and guest speaker
6. Comment briefly on a presentation and invite questions from members and guests
7. Propose a vote of thanks to the guest speaker
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