Les Pontin welcomed all to the meeting and introduced President Mike.
President Mike opened the meeting and welcomed visiting Rotarian Kevin from Napier NZ and Robyn Bailey to the meeting.
International Toast: was proposed to the Rotary Club of Napier, Greenmeadows. It has 65 members. Napier was completely destroyed by an earthquake in 1931 and was rebuilt in Art Deco style.
Vocational Minute: Barb introduced Will Waterford who spoke about his Garden & Pet Shop business. It is currently doing 70% pet business but Will expects the garden supply side to pick up in spring. He managed not to speak too long about his new grandson, Henry.
Youth Service: Peter Higgs advised that the YE student Gertrude will arrive from Denmark on the 25th July at 7.30 pm. He suggested that the meeting on 28th July be a partner’s night to welcome Gertrude.
Riki Tiki: was conducted by Greg and won by Will.
Sergeant: Alan Morgan managed to fine everyone.
Guest Speaker: Our own Barbara Bailey spoke on the wreck of the Netherby. The significance is that her great grandfather was on this ship and that it occurred exactly 150 years ago.
The Netherby was ship wrecked at 7.30pm on this night 150 years ago off the coast of King Island in Bass Straight. All 450 people on board were rescued. The Netherby left England on 13th April 1866 with 3 steam locomotives on board.  The ship was supposed to take a route to the south of Tasmania but Captain Owen Owens decided to pass through Bass Strait instead. The ship had encountered extremely rough weather earlier in the voyage that had seen the steerage passengers confined below decks for 14 consecutive days. In taking the passage through Bass Strait, Owens hoped to avoid further rough weather and ease the burden on the passengers. Barb’s great grandfather was an iron monger but because of the loss of the ship he turned to farming. This evening is a special day for Barb as there is a reunion of relatives of the survivors gathering in Currie on King Island to commemorate their forebears.
For more information see this link.
Barb was thanked by David Millar.
Raffle: was run and many happy winners went home with their loot.
President Mike closed the meeting.