22 July
Fellowship:  Malou D
Room Setup:  Ian A
Sergeant:  Frank L
International Toast:  Donna H
Vocational Talk:  Malou D
Introduce Guest Speaker:  Patrick K
Thank Guest Speaker:  Kevin C
29 July
5 August
Fellowship:  Donna H
Room Setup:  Mathew L
Sergeant:  Patrick K
International Toast:  Christine C
Vocational Talk:  Patrick King
Introduce Guest Speaker:  Bonnie L
Thank Guest Speaker:  Diana L
12 August
Fellowship:  Graeme B
Room Setup:  Stan N
Sergeant:  Geoff L
International Toast:  Mike H
Vocational Talk:  Graeme B
Introduce Guest Speaker:  Tony L
Thank Guest Speaker:  Graeme C
19 August
Fellowship:  Greig L
Room Setup:  Dan T
Sergeant:  Tania C
International Toast:  Wroxton I
Vocational Talk:  Wroxton I
Introduce Guest Speaker:  Barabara B
Thank Guest Speaker:  Mark P
26 August
Fellowship:  Will W
Room Setup:  Dan T
Sergeant:  Tania C
International Toast:  Michael B
Vocational Talk:  Ian A
Introduce Guest Speaker:  Suzanne L
Thank Guest Speaker:  Will W
Not attending that night? That is ok, please find a replacement member and notify Dan by email at dwthomasson@gmail.com or sms 0437 110 029.