Posted by Tatiana Porter
If you have a smartphone you can download the ClubRunner Mobile App, giving you access to the contact details of all Rotarians in your club.  It's easy to do and it's free.
Once downloaded, you will have to login, but you can then selectively add contacts to your phone's contact list or you can dial directly from the app.  
I use it and it works well.  I've had a couple of hiccups when the saved mobile numbers are missing the first '0' - instead 04xx xxx xxx it tries to dial 4xx xxx xxx - but my phone lets me know quickly that it isn't working.
It can be used on various devices using either iOS (Apple iPhone) or Android (just about everything else) operating systems.
The Club Runner Mobile App looks like this and is available on Android or Apple.
If you'd like any assistance with downloading, don't hesitate to ask me, or anyone else already using it.