Notes from the Meeting on March 22, 2018  (provided by Marilyn Harris)

President Peter welcomed Rotarians and guests and gave a report from the Board meeting.

He promoted our Clubs commitment to the Caloundra Greeters program scheduled to commence on May 3, 2018, encouraging all members to play a part in this golden opportunity to provide a community service, welcoming people to Downtown Caloundra and creating a vibrancy in the area with business owners , locals and visitors alike and to profile Rotary in the main street of Caloundra, 2 days a week. Terese Finegan , Economic Development and Major Projects Manager, Downtown Caloundra was welcomed as our guest speaker.

RI Toast:

Kevin Curd gave an interesting summary of the extraordinary fund raising and community service activities of the 500 strong membership of the Rotary Club of San Diego, California.


The AGM was conducted meeting our Constitutional obligations and with appropriate attention to the Clubs Financial report presented by Mike Healy( acting for Brian Reith as Treasurer). Moved by Mike Healy . Seconded by Don Wilkie. All in favour. The club is in a healthy financial position.

Sip Save Shop fundraising event:

Suzanne Lee - Archer and her helpers ( from Inner Wheel and Rotary) were congratulated for the very pleasant and successful ($1400) fund raising event in aid of the Hamlin Fistula Foundation. The event was held at the Aspinalls delightful home and was much appreciated. Our Rotary Club was thanked by Greig Lee-Archer on behalf of Suzanne for our contributions in many ways.


Will Waterford - Past President was re- inducted to our Club. Welcome back Will and Donna. You and your family have been an integral part of our Club and we look forward to continuing friendship and working for our community with you.


The 10 year celebration of RYDA is on Friday March 23, 2018 at the golf club with Dr Bridie Parker- an Internationally reknowned researcher on youth driver behaviours. This is a wonderful milestone for RYDA and Rotary recognising the many volunteers, as well as the contribution of Sunshine Coast Council, State and federal government , Glasshouse Mountain Coaches, the Corbould Park Racecourse and all the Secondary Schools in the region. Well done everyone especially to the champions

from our Club - Kevin Curd, Bruce Radford, Brian Reith, Geoff Leddy and the many team workers who contribute to the RYDA days being so successful.

Riki Tiki: Conducted with gusto by Mike Healy and amongst the hilarity was won by non other than Dave Handy.


Guest Speaker: Introduced by Marilyn Harris and was thanked by Peer Higgs

Terese Finegan gave a heartfelt story of her experience as a Rotary Exchange student 33 years ago in Campbell River Vancouver Island and expressed her gratitude to Rotary and the legacy it has left her ( and now her family) with.

Her role is to revitalise the Downtown Caloundra area and she sees an important opportunity and role for Rotary in this.

She is appreciative of working with our Club on the Caloundra Greeters program as a precurser to the Caloundra Cultural Heritage Centre, as part of an arts and heritage precinct which will become a focal point in Downtown Caloundra.

Terese encourages us all to become familiar with the Downtown Caloundra Master Plan in order to help us engage and become an integral component of Downtown Caloundra along with the Business community, local residents and visitors alike. The Caloundra Greeters program will touch peoples lives and make Rotary visible - showing Rotary at work and giving Rotary leverage in the community.

Practically, the Caloundra Greeters program will help to bring Bulcock St alive with stories of the past, greetings for today and unbelievably wonderful opportunities for a cohesive village atmosphere for the future. The Caloundra Greeters will have signage, a place in the revitalised Transit Centre and visible vests to wear when on roster. Terese explained that Stage 4 of the Bulcock Street streetscape project will commence in April - November between Minchinton St and Knox Avenue.

Our Club has a golden opportunity to be involved in the evolution of Bulcock Street along with the business community and residents.

It was pleasing to hear some thoughtful questions and discussion.

Raffle prizes were sought after with many oohs and arhhs at wins and losses. Remember no meeting next week on March 29th.

HAPPY EASTER - see you all next on April 5.

The meeting closed at 8.10pm.

OPEN: Les Pontin opened the meeting, with a tuneful singing of the Anthem lead by David Millar, the Four Way Test, our Toast and Rotary Grace.
WELCOME: Peter Higgs welcomed our members and guests.
INTERNATIONAL TOAST: Kevin Curd proposed the International Toast to the Rotary Club of Honolulu.
ANNIVERSARIES: were announced by Peter Higgs.
TO MAKE YOU SMILE: Mike Lawton shared the following joke: 
When you marry the right woman, you are COMPLETE.
When you marry the wrong woman, you are FINISHED.
And when the right one catches you with the wrong one, you are COMPLETELY FINISHED!
  • This year we are welcoming an exchange student from Norway.  The Caloundra Club is receiving a student from France.
  • The Rotary Club of Sunshine Coast Central is holding the inaugural Sunshine Coast Police Officer of the Year.  The Award ceremony will be held at the Maroochy River Golf Club on May 9.  Anyone can nominate - details below.
  • Peter Higgs  informed us the 'Casablanca Evening'  has been cancelled due to insufficient numbers.  For those wanting to attend they can still go on Saturday night.  We will now have a movie night next Thursday. 
  • Marilyn Harris provided an update on the Cultural Heritage Project -  she was excited to announce that we will be involved in the first stage - Caloundra Greeters - very soon.  If you love Caloundra and you love Rotary then this is certainly a project for you.  Our club made a commitment to the development of a Cultural Heritage Centre a year ago, and we now have an opportunity to start. More details are in the story below.  
  • Bryan Mason thanked all those who participated in the ROMAC Trivia Night.  Numbers are still to be finalised but we raised over $20,000.
  • David Smith provided an update on our Kiva loan. Last week the Kiva Committee (of one) approved 4 new loans to 4 more people.  Kiva provides us with an opportunity to re-lend the same money and really make a difference. Have a look at the story below.    
  • David Smith also updated us on our Smith Family sponsorship - we will be renewing this on April 1 and increasing from supporting one child to two.
  • Greig Lee-Archer reminded us that Swap and Shop raising funds for the Hamlin Fistula Foundation was on Sunday 10th March.
SAVE THE DATES: Barbara Bailey gave us the following dates for our calendars:
  • April 19th - Vocational Visit to the Smart Centre in Bulcock Street from 6-7pm with dinner somewhere afterwards.
  • May 10th - Volunteers Night
  • May 31st - TAFE Dinner
Barbara also said she would be pleased if someone else wanted to serve as Vocational Service Director, so please let Peter Higgs know before the AGM. 
ROTARIAN OF THE MONTH: Peter Hovey was named Rotarian of the Month for among other things, the great job he did on Trivia Night.  As Trivia Master he compiled the questions, sorted the power point, and kept things running smoothly on the night.  He did it with great humour, an authoritative voice and a shiny blue waistcoat.  Congratulations Peter! Well deserved. 
WORDS OF WISDOM : Barbara Bailey shared a thought on losing driving skills as we age.  It is not uncommon for one person, often a husband, to take on the driving duties.  The only problem is that if something happens to the driver, the other partner may not feel confident driving any more.  So she urged us all to ensure we maintain our driving skills and encourage our partners to do so.
SERGEANT’S SESSION: Les was in fine form.  
CLOSE: Peter thanked all guests, members and those who performed duties.