On Thursday evening we visited the Smart Centre, located at 63 Bulcock Street, Caloundra.  The Smart Centre and Living Lab showcases real-time results and examples of the smart city technology currently being tested. The technologies were looking at ways to create a sustainable city via Smart lighting, Smart parking, a Smart regional management platform, Smart waste, Smart water, and Smart Wi-Fi.  This incorporated things like parking apps which alerts motorists of available car parks, free high speed public Wi-Fi, transport information to direct traffic to the least busy route, environmental water sensors providing data in real time which link irrigation systems to weather forecasts, and rubbish bins that sense when they need emptying.
The council is testing these technologies in the Living Lab before they are installed in key locations throughout the region, including Caloundra CBD, new Maroochydore City Centre and Oceanside Health Hub.
We also met Cassie - their robot.  She is typically responsible for greeting guests as they enter the building but we saw her dance - and she provides her own music too. 
The Sunshine Coast has again been named a Smart21 community for 2018 by the Intelligent Community Forum (ICF), during the 4th Annual Next Gen Tech Conference in New York City.
“The announcement means more than just being a semi-finalist for an international award,” Mayor Jamieson said. “The Smart21 represent the best models of economic, social and cultural development in the digital age as judged by ICF and a team of independent analysts.
“It’s an excellent outcome that continues to support our region and our economy as being healthy, smart and creative.

Some photos from the evening....

Bryan meeting Cassie.  
Graeme trying to teach Cassie new tricks??
 Interested onlookers.
(Stephanie asking if it is possible to strangle yourself
with your own hand. )
After the presentation we walked down Bulcock Street to the Chinese Holiday Restaurant and shared a lovely meal.