Alex was born too long ago to remember. But what he does remember is being fascinated by radio in his childhood; a fascination and involvement that continues to this day. Strangely, radio never a became his career. As with many people, life has not been boring. The son of a clerk and very capable stay at home mum, Alex didn’t do well at school – he was more interested in radio! But that didn’t stop him going onto four very different and successful work lives, ending up with many (and different) technical qualifications, a degree in adult education, a postgraduate management certificate and a pilot licence which he used as a business tool for many years.
Involvement in community radio started in earnest in the late ‘80s, initially in a support role. He moved to the microphone in the early ‘90s and commenced hosting his own radio program in 1995.
What is this beast called community radio? How does it fit alongside commercial and public broadcasters? Is it just a bunch of amateurs ‘having a go’? And how does a modern radio station work? Alex will answer this and other questions in his presentation titled Community Radio – who needs it?
Alex is married to his first wife Robynne. They have two grown up children who have given them five beautiful grandchildren, all girls – we’re specialists! Now living on the Sunshine Coast, with the aid of modern technology Alex continues as the presenter of Sunday Celebration from 6.00 – 9.00am on 96 five, Family Radio Brisbane.