Kevin Curd made the International Toast to the Rotary Clubs of South Korea.  Over the past days we have been enjoying viewing the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang.  Prior to that we watched with excitement as the South Korean tennis player, Hyeon Chung reached the semi finals in the Australian Open.  Kevin had hoped to toast our South Korean Sister Club, the Rotary Club of Onah,  but unfortunately could not find anything on the internet.  Barbara Bailey has emailed the club congratulating them on the Winter Olympics and their recent success in the tennis.
First some brief history of Rotary in Korea: Rotary was first established in Korea in 1927.  Prior to liberation in 1945 Rotary was dominated by the Japanese, but since the end of the Korean War Rotary has flourished in South Korea.  There are over 40000 members in over a 1000 clubs and 16 districts.
The Rotary Clubs, through Shelter Box, have provided over 200 shelter boxes to North Korea to provide shelter for the homeless following recent floods.