Manfred opened the meeting.
International Toast:
Barb proposed the toast to the Rotary Club of Sarajevo International – Delta in District 1910. They meet on Wednesdays at 7.30pm at Restaurant Lovac. They have 25 members of which 13 are women. Their President is Zeljka Mudrocic and the meetings are carried out in English. The club has more than 8 countries represented in their membership & the club was formed in 2003.
Fund raising includes a Diplomatic Winter Bazaar and a Winter Challenge.
Projects are aimed at intellectually disabled and they have built a day centre for adults and teach photography to special needs children.
See their web site
President Peter:
Peter welcomed all to the meeting and invited everyone to stay on for the board meeting. He announced the birthdays and anniversaries.
Manfred did a great job as usual.
Board meeting & open forum highlights:
Correspondence included a thank you letter from ROMAC for the $23,000 raised from the last Trivia Night.
Election of office bearers
Club Service
Ross Harrison
Brian Reith
Community Service
Christine Craig
International Service
Dave Smith
Vocational Service
President Elect
Don Wilkie?
The trailer is ready to go and the roster starts soon.
Treasurer Brian reported that there is
$15,230.61 in the club account.
$36,292.64 in the project account.
$16,596.47 in the term deposit.
Brian advised that the project account has funds committed to projects that will reduce the balance to $13,000 effectively.
Club service:
The Christmas breakup will be at the Golf Club on 20th December. There will be a social night at the Power Boat Club on 13th November. Please check Club Runner for details.
General business:
No contact from sister club in South Korea
Trailer raffle needs good signage.
A suggestion to sponsor a club in the Aura area was made.
Marilyn spoke on the Caloundra Greeters & Heritage Centre. She received approval in principal to follow up on:
1                     Exploring options for cultural heritage centre.
2                     Continuing with Caloundra Greeters.
3                     Investigate the CCSA Hall as a possible site for the Heritage Centre.
Motion passed to charge members for meals ordered.