Dear members 

It is time to make a final effort to achieve the club goal of $4,000 being donated to The Rotary Foundation by individual giving.  The goal is to have every Rotarian contribute every year. 

Your contribution can be paid at the registration desk at any meeting.  Contributions can be made more than once in any year.  Contributions of $100 or more re eligible to be recognized through the Centurion program. 

Some background:- 

“The mission of The Rotary Foundation is to enable Rotarians to advance, World Understanding, Goodwill and Peace through the Improvement of health, the support of education and the alleviation of poverty.” 

We accomplish this by using the expertise and compassion of Rotarians who foster effective and sustainable projects around the world.  Through OUR Foundation, we reach out to both our local and international communities enriching the lives of millions.  

The Rotary Foundation invests in people to create measurable and enduring economic improvement in their lives and communities by  

  • Strengthening the development of local entrepreneurs and community leaders, particularly women, in impoverished communities  

  • Developing opportunities for decent and productive work, particularly for youth  

  • Building the capacity of local organizations and community networks to support economic development  

  • Supporting studies related to economic and community development  


The Annual Fund is the primary source of funding for the programs of The Rotary Foundation.  The Annual Fund is the cornerstone for these programs; for the beneficiaries, and why we give   

For us to continue doing so much good in the world, it is necessary for Every Rotarian to participate in the programs and to support our Foundation Every Year. 

The Rotary Foundation works to: teach children to read, build wells, feed the hungry, care for the sick, shelter the poor; then Every Rotarian is invited to support the Annual Fund with a personal contribution, Every Year.  

Rotary’s unique funding model strengthens our future by building on a stellar record of efficient use and stewardship of the financial resources entrusted to us.   

The Foundation’s sound financial management and its commitment to accountability and transparency are also recognized as exceptional, year after year, by independent evaluators of not-for-profits. Rotary’s website provides detailed information on the Foundation’s finances. 

Beginning 1 July 2015, five percent of contributions to the Annual Fund are earmarked for operating expenses or to build the operating reserve to three times annual operating expenses, when needed.  

With a solid financial base and restored reserves, we’ll have an organization that is able to support the good work that Rotarians do in the world — even as the economic and financial environment remains unpredictable. 


When we contribute to TRF though the Centurion program to the Annual Fund – SHARE, fifty percent (50%) of our contributions come back to our district through District Designated Funds (DDF) in three years to spend on educational and humanitarian activities chosen by us; even grants that may be used for projects in our local community.  

This funding model: 

  • Builds our financial strength by ensuring that resources are available to meet current needs: programs and operating expenses. 

  • Establishes a reserve to provide for unusual financial events (a rainy day fund): the operating reserve. 

  • Ensures an increase in future programs through increased returns on the Endowment Fund. 


The Rotary Foundation is YOUR Foundation – make it your charity of choice! 

Rotarian driven projects— projects are created at the local level by Rotarians who live and see the needs of the community every day.! 

Diligent Oversight of Funds: Rotary funding is monitored on many different levels. Funds are overseen by Rotarians, clubs, districts and Rotary staff. Larger projects are even reviewed and audited by Rotarian professionals that work within the area of focus and can give expert guidance and evaluations.  Rotarian auditors sometimes perform audits to ensure spending is being used correctly. All of these measures ensure that the funds YOU give to The Rotary Foundation Do Good In The World.  

Local and International Projects- Rotary helps people in need throughout the world. The SHARE system and grant model allow for projects to take place in your backyard or across the globe. The international component and ability to help those in need around the world is unique and Rotarians have made their Foundation extraordinary in its capacity to focus on needs in developed and developing countries!   

Rotarians = Service above Self 

Rotarians are The Rotary Foundation. Contributing to The Rotary Foundation each and every year is demonstrating your commitment to “Service above Self” and a commitment to helping those in need.