International Service

The Rotary Club of Caloundra Pacific recogonises its membership of a world wide organisation by undertaking a number of activities and service projects.  We recognise that the demand for humanitarian assistance will always exceed our capacity to respond, so we try to emphasise low cost projects with high quality-of-life payoffs for as many overseas recipients as possible.
Director: David Smith
Members:  Bryan Mason, David Millar, Jason MacCartie, Manfred Klink, Win Fowles 
International toast:
The Rotary Club of Caloundra Pacific proposes a toast at every meeting to an international Rotary Club to assist our members in becoming more aware of these overseas clubs, their make-up and the far reaching effect of Rotary worldwide. Rotary's annual International Directory is our reference for information on other clubs.
We support many international Rotary programs. These include:
Group Study Exchange where we try to recruit interested and eligible people from within our community to take part in annual study tours to other countries.
ShelterBox, which provides emergency shelter to those affected by disasters such as cyclones (hurricanes), tsunami and earthquakes.
Adopt-A-Village and similar programs, principally in neighbouring countries such as Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands, both of which are part of our Rotary district (District 9600).
Polio Eradication, Rotary's worldwide campaign to rid the planet of poliomyelitis.
Donations In Kind, which provides material support to neighbouring countries.
Locally Developed Programs to collect unwanted spectacles and hearing aids for refurbishment by local volunteer specialists before delivery to neighbouring countries.