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Caloundra Pacific

Service Above Self

We meet Thursdays at 6:00 PM
Caloundra Golf Club
1 Charles Woodward Drive
Caloundra, Qld  4551
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Alex was born too long ago to remember. But what he does remember is being fascinated by radio in his childhood; a fascination and involvement that continues to this day. Strangely, radio never a became his career. As with many people, life has not been boring. The son of a clerk and very capable stay at home mum, Alex didn’t do well at school – he was more interested in radio! But that didn’t stop him going onto four very different and successful work lives, ending up with many (and different) technical qualifications, a degree in adult education, a postgraduate management certificate and a pilot licence which he used as a business tool for many years.
Involvement in community radio started in earnest in the late ‘80s, initially in a support role. He moved to the microphone in the early ‘90s and commenced hosting his own radio program in 1995.
What is this beast called community radio? How does it fit alongside commercial and public broadcasters? Is it just a bunch of amateurs ‘having a go’? And how does a modern radio station work? Alex will answer this and other questions in his presentation titled Community Radio – who needs it?
Alex is married to his first wife Robynne. They have two grown up children who have given them five beautiful grandchildren, all girls – we’re specialists! Now living on the Sunshine Coast, with the aid of modern technology Alex continues as the presenter of Sunday Celebration from 6.00 – 9.00am on 96 five, Family Radio Brisbane.
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Sargent:               Manfred Klink                                           Patrick King
Fellowship:          Di Latham                                                  Barb Bailey
Room set up:       Aub Tucker                                               Allan Gillepie
The Caloundra Greeters volunteers met at the offices of McGrath Real Estate on Monday for a get together and morning tea. The rosters and communication were discussed. Marylin and Evelyn showed off the new summer vests that the Sunshine Coast Council kindly sponsored. These will make the volunteers visible and more comfortable in the coming summer months. A good morning was had by all.

A reminder for those interested in attending the CleftConnect Grand Trivia Night at 6pm on Saturday 13 October at Unity College.  At this stage we have almost enough people for two tables of eight team members so please feel free to invite a friend(s).


To register for the event you will need to log on to the CleftConnect Australia website.  Here is the link .  Our team name will be 'Rotary Caloundra Pacific' and we can sort out seating arrangements on the night.  The cost is $35.00 each which you can pay by credit card when you register plus you will need to choose a meal out of a selection of three options.

Adam Benjamin. Director of Medifarm here on the coast is coming to speak at our Rotary Club on November 8, 2018.

The farm is about to cultivate enough plants to produce Cannabis Oil for 5000  patients in need of this oil that has so many special qualities to relieve suffering.

Please could this article go into Cal Pac Capers or on our Club Runner to encourage partners and friends to come along to hear Adam speak. This is an innovative agribusiness for the coast and indeed has a strong social conscious component to the story about how it came to be established.

Meeting notes 4th October 2018

Les opened the meeting.
International Toast:
Barb Bailey proposed the toast to the Rotary of Zagreb Central in Croatia.
Ruby & Chantal Rowling.
Manfred Klink did a wonderful job of not missing anyone.
Guest Speaker:
Chantal spoke on her role as an exercise physiologist.
Her main message was that we should get moving and keep moving.
She spoke of six myths:
1                     No pain, no gain. Pain IS a warning sign that we should take notice of.
2                     Dieting alone will produce weight loss. We must exercise as well.
3                     Spot exercise is good. (eg produce flat tummy). Total exercise and good diet is necessary.
4                     Must spend a long time at training. Not necessary as short 10 minute sessions are adequate.
5                     Exercise will cancel sedentary behaviour. No it doesn’t.
6                     Aerobic exercise is sufficient for good health. No it isn’t, we need to do resistance training as well.
Some of the benefits of regular exercise include good posture, better metabolism, reduced falls. Regular exercise will help to form a healthy habit in our lifestyle and we shouldn’t concentrate on weight loss alone.
Stretching is very important, not before but after exercise. Stretches should be held for 30 seconds each.
The many questions showed how involved the members were in Chantal’s presentation.
Do you know a potentially good guest speaker? If so we would like to have one guest speaker every Thursday night at the club meeting. Guest speakers receive a free meal.
If you do know a guest speaker, please email Dan at and we will work together to find a suitable Thursday night.
Terese Finegan, Downtown Caloundra Curator, is coming to speak at the meeting this week to discuss the Sunshine Coast Council's plans for Caloundra including the incorporation of a Heritage Centre.  As you may have heard, to get the project up and running there is a plan to reinvent the Transit Centre as an Arts and Heritage hub, with the introduction of “Caloundra Greeters”. This is a chance for our club to be involved early in the project as we showcase Caloundra and heighten the profile of Rotary.  Please come to the meeting to hear about the exciting changes in Caloundra, and if you are interested, how you can be involved, and bring any other interested parties.  Also a reminder that there is potential for partnership with the Rotary Club of Caloundra, so President Peter Davis and Director of Community Services James Condon will also attend.

We're looking for your support to make the 30th Anniversary of ROMAC our best Trivia Night yet!
If you can't get a table, but would like to attend, let me know and I'll find you someone to sit with.
Remember, we want 300 participants, so we need your help.
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Member Birthdays:
  • Diana Latham
    October 1
  • Peter Hovey
    October 7
  • Allan Gillespie
    October 10
  • Mike Lawton
    October 16
  • Kevin Curd
    October 22
Spouse/Partner Birthdays:
  • Joy Radford
    October 23
  • Yvonne Higgs
    October 25
Join Date:
  • Brad Eldred
    October 2, 2014
    4 years
  • Eve McCorkell
    October 2, 2014
    4 years
  • Frank Price
    October 21, 1972
    46 years
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