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President Frank Frank welcomed all Members and Guests in particular -
* Snr Sgt John Mahoney – Caloundra Police
* Alysha Clarkson – Life Flight
* Stuart Coward – Member Caloundra and Group Executive Officer STEPS
* Michael Williamson – Charity Manager STEPS
* Seb McCormick – One of STEPS success stories and “Ace Golfer”
* Bryan McCormick – Seb’s father
* Maria Carroll
* John Deakin
* May & Cedric Gowlett
* Yvonne Higgs
* Margaret Reith
International Toast:
Well, Graham Carroll was scheduled to propose a Toast. He was ready – despite having being on Angel Flight duties for 6 hours that day – to deliver the Toast but … Frank forgot to introduce him!!!
(was there a slide?)
Being President brings much pressure! Save it up for next time Graham.
President’s Comments:
1. Frank delivered a precis of the decisions and issues which will need further discussion at the next Board meeting on Monday 5th December 2022. Details will be available when the minutes are published to the Members at the end of this week.
2. Peter Hovey will be conducting a Bulcock Street “Walk” for Members on the 12th January 2023 (in lieu of a meeting at the Golf Club”) highlighting the history of Caloundra. (Editor: this is a very informative and enjoyable presentation – you are advised to put it in your calendar – don’t miss out). A gold coin donation – a fiver would be better, is requested. All proceeds will go to the Caloundra Historical Society.
3. Frank mentioned a suggestion first raised by Greg Rayment to obtain corflute signs to be displayed when Rotary Members are conducting a community working bee. Initial quotes were considered excessive and the Matt Lynn would use his skills and flair to make them in house.
Things escalated quickly with Mark Paton advising he has a good contact to put a vinyl cover on the corflute and sweetened the deal by saying he would pay for them! Yahoo!! Not to be out done Stuart Coward then offered to provide the “A” Frame stands for the signs.
Job done, 4 minutes – no cost to CALPAC. Sensational.
4.(Remember: If you are rostered on for a duty at the next meeting (AGM) and you can’t make it, please try to get somebody else to complete your task and advise Greig Lee-Archer.
President Frank presented cheques to -
** Alysha Clarkson – Life Flight and
** Stuart Coward - STEPS, who was capably assisted by Michael Williamson, Seb and Bryan McCormick.
Each of Life Flight and STEPS receiving $12,000.00 from the net proceeds of the CALPAC Golf Day.
Director’s Moments:
Nothing new this week.
Members Moments:
a. Graeme Bowden shared the Memorial Service for his good and long time friend, and our Honorary Member of the Club, Kevin Jenner was represented by six Members / Honorary member, partners and a past member. A fitting farewell which provided facts such as Kevin being the inaugural Minister of the Church of Christ Caloundra with only five parishioners in 1977. His involvement in the fundraising and construction of the Church’s home as we know it today.
b. Peter Higgs talked about the Trailer Raffle which continues to attract fantastic support from the community. Net proceeds of this project are set to rival the Music in the Hangar Project this year. (Editor: fantastic effort Pete!!).
Even if the Roster appears full you are again encouraged to donate some time to assist – your time would be greatly appreciated. We find while tickets are being written out there are plenty of people who walk past – you guessed it, lost opportunity. With a Club of 54 Members at this point less than 50% of Members have registered to help. Come on get
behind Pete and make his job a little easier. Pete is there at Bulcock Market “all day” every Sunday.
c. Ken Hinkly again encouraged Members to release the purse strings and donate to the Rotary Foundation if at all possible.
Vocational Talk:
Peter Hovey gave the meeting an insight top his Justice of the Peace (JP) duties. What is required to be a JP (Complete a course at TAFE or a Registered Training Organisation) – cost $300-$400 and Registration with the relevant Government Department (another $100 or so). The Legislation precludes him from accepting any form of remuneration for his valuable service. “Bread and butter” doc’s to witness are Statutory Declarations, Powers of Attorney documents (Advanced Medical Directives , transfer of Power for financial and other reasons. A few more questions required with those documents) and Certifying copies of originals.
Yet another Community service being provided by Peter. Thanks and well done.
Guest Speaker: Sne Sgt John Mahoney

Kevin Curd introduced Snr Sgt John Mahoney – Caloundra Police and informed us of a little of John’s history in the Police Force. John’s mission when he came to Caloundra in 1993 was to maintain a safer Community.
John held positions in Mt Isa and other remote communities between 1993 – 1997 dealing with Property issues and violence. Moved to Surfers Paradise CIB at various stations before moving to Townsville CIB and being part of the Drug Squad which operates across the State of Qld.
One of the most amazing revelation being that Qld Police only obtained the authority for telephone interception (phone taping) in 2010. The crooks could say what they liked on the phone before that date. (amazing). Moved to current position as OIC Caloundra in March 2017.
Current main issue on the Sunshine Coast is the number or Domestic Violence (DV) occurrences.  7082 over the last 12 months. Each taking up 8 Police personal hours. 76% of DV victims are women which is lower than the editor expected – DV against men is on the rise according to John.
There have been 2376 breaches of DV orders in the last 12 months which then become criminal offences.  255 assaults in the last 12 months, 19% of violent offences on the Sunshine Coast occur in Caloundra and unfortunately this number is increasing.
John believes Social Media platforms are becoming the Community’s point of truth. We need to ensure Police are the point of truth were details are not distorted.
Major challenges for Police are numbers. There are more Police retiring or resigning than are being recruited. Frustrations within the Police force deter recruits and in fact only one in eight applications are accepted due to job requirements including psychometrics. Smaller residential lots with houses closer together have increased reporting to Police relating to DV issues. Increased motor vehicles on our roads. Push bike uses not wearing helmets – parents and kids included. Increased alcohol consumption in public places to be policed more rigidly going forward.
Simply put John believes the Community should trust more in our Police force to ensure it can be more effective.
Sergeant Session – Suzanne Lee-Archer / Will Waterford – not held due to time constraints.
RIKI TIKI – Win Fowles night in the spotlight was also postponed until next week due to time constraints.
Raffle – by Les Pontin and Win Fowles
Many prizes won and enjoyed around the tables with the lollies shared around in traditional manner.
Sylvia Hovey buying and Yvonne Higgs delivering the Christmas Cakes, made by Yvonne.  
An annual activity by Yvonne Higgs;  birthday and other celebratory cakes during the year too.
Some socialising while setting up for our weekly meeting -
With Ian Baker Finch after the Annual Golf Day 2016
Walk for Mental Health in 2017
Geoff Leddy & Tony Long
Sept 2022 - Getting Ready.......
Rotary Youth Driver Awareness programme, RYDA at SSC Turf Club, Corbould Park, Caloundra - 13th September 2022.
Experience counts and it is only gained with time on the road - this programme is designed to make young drivers become aware of what could and might happen and to be prepared for it and hopefully prevent accidents and save lives, including their own.
  1. Collect eligible containers
  2. Take them to a container refund point -
  3. Donate to the Rotary Club of Caloundra Pacific using scheme ID C10219799

Please help us collect!
Michele Jackson, our club member has taken on this role to collect them, so please bring to a meeting and give them to her.
We collect bread tags for recycling to fund wheelchairs,mainly in South Africa.
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