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We meet Thursdays at 06:00 PM
Caloundra Golf Club
1 Charles Woodward Drive
Caloundra, Qld  4551
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At a Gala evening on May 9, at the Maroochy River Golf Club, the Sunshine Coast Police will be acknowledged for their great contribution to our community and 6 finalists will be recognised for their professional excellence and dedication.  Every individual recognised as an award nominee or recipient has helped the Police Force to remain strong and effective by forging a diverse range of partnerships with individuals, community groups, and fellow law enforcement agencies.

There may be some familiar faces at these awards.  For those who attend RYDA you may recognise Senior Constable Mark Ginges.   

Police officers in our community really do "make a difference"  and these awards recognise outstanding acts of courage, compassion, understanding and devotion to duty provided by police officers at the local level.  So come along and show your support for our police and our fellow Rotarians who are organising this event.




On Thursday evening we visited the Smart Centre, located at 63 Bulcock Street, Caloundra.  The Smart Centre and Living Lab showcases real-time results and examples of the smart city technology currently being tested. The technologies were looking at ways to create a sustainable city via Smart lighting, Smart parking, a Smart regional management platform, Smart waste, Smart water, and Smart Wi-Fi.  This incorporated things like parking apps which alerts motorists of available car parks, free high speed public Wi-Fi, transport information to direct traffic to the least busy route, environmental water sensors providing data in real time which link irrigation systems to weather forecasts, and rubbish bins that sense when they need emptying.
The council is testing these technologies in the Living Lab before they are installed in key locations throughout the region, including Caloundra CBD, new Maroochydore City Centre and Oceanside Health Hub.
We also met Cassie - their robot.  She is typically responsible for greeting guests as they enter the building but we saw her dance - and she provides her own music too. 
The Sunshine Coast has again been named a Smart21 community for 2018 by the Intelligent Community Forum (ICF), during the 4th Annual Next Gen Tech Conference in New York City.
“The announcement means more than just being a semi-finalist for an international award,” Mayor Jamieson said. “The Smart21 represent the best models of economic, social and cultural development in the digital age as judged by ICF and a team of independent analysts.
“It’s an excellent outcome that continues to support our region and our economy as being healthy, smart and creative.
Terese Finegan, Downtown Caloundra Curator, is coming to speak at the meeting this week to discuss the Sunshine Coast Council's plans for Caloundra including the incorporation of a Heritage Centre.  As you may have heard, to get the project up and running there is a plan to reinvent the Transit Centre as an Arts and Heritage hub, with the introduction of “Caloundra Greeters”. This is a chance for our club to be involved early in the project as we showcase Caloundra and heighten the profile of Rotary.  Please come to the meeting to hear about the exciting changes in Caloundra, and if you are interested, how you can be involved, and bring any other interested parties.  Also a reminder that there is potential for partnership with the Rotary Club of Caloundra, so President Peter Davis and Director of Community Services James Condon will also attend.

A reminder that on 10th March, Sip, Swap, Snack, is being hosted to raise funds for the Hamlin Fistula Foundation.  You are invited to attend and bring any second hand clothing and accessories in good condition with you.  You then have the chance to 'purchase' anyone elses items for $2, and they can buy your donated goods.  More details will follow but SAVE THE DATE 10TH MARCH and start COLLECTING CLOTHING TO DONATE.
We're looking for your support to make the 30th Anniversary of ROMAC our best Trivia Night yet!
If you can't get a table, but would like to attend, let me know and I'll find you someone to sit with.
Remember, we want 300 participants, so we need your help.
Join us on February 22nd, 2018 at the Caloundra Golf Club to celebrate our Club's Pride of Workmanship Awards. Get dressed for the occasion and bring family and friends to support and encourage the recipients of these Awards.  This year we have 4 deserving recipients and this is your chance to meet them.
These Awards reflect and support the objective of Rotary, specifically our chance to encourage and foster high ethical standards in business and professions and recognise the worthiness of all useful occupations and to use this as an opportunity to serve society. 
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